Affective Communication

Bridging Gaps:

Affective Communication in Long Distance Relationships

Duration: 1 semester

Methods: Literature Research, Design Sketch, Semi-structure interviews, Cultural Probes

Tools: DiamondTouch Table, Visual C++


DESIGN & METHODOLOGY: This project is part of my 2 semester thesis. This project has stemmed from my interest in field of Affective HCI, Intimate Computing, Evocative Objects, and Experience Design. With this thesis I have tried to bring together whatever I have learnt in past one year at school. The nature of design problem i.e. communication within long distance relationships lends itself beautifully to use knowledge base of the above mentioned field.

With the help of extensive literature review and semi structured interview, we have been able to come up with major themes present in communication within long distance relationships. We will be shortly prototyping one of our design concepts and conducting user studies . We also plan to conduct cultural probes in parallel with user studies.

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