Gestures in action

Gestural Interaction Mode

Exploring gestural mode of interaction with mobile phones

Duration: 1 semester

Methods: Literature Research, Design Sketch, Prototyping, Participatory Design, Usability Evaluation

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Foam Core Board


DESIGN & METHODOLOGY: Usage of mobile phones and pther portable devices is on rise and yet the input mode remains mostly the same. Not only the interacting with mobile phones through keys is ineffecient, it does not hold any meaning to user.

Gesture For this ongoing study, we conducted semi-structured interviews involving an essence of participatory design to determine reactions and acceptance of people towards using gestures for interacting with their mobile phones. For this study we selected two functionalities of a mobile phone which we think are effective ones to explore the gestural input interactions, including the camera functionality and the picture management functionality. Participants were asked to generate their own ideas of gestural interaction with mobile phone for the allotted tasks.

In this study, we wanted to explore novel ways of interaction that will hold meaning for a user. We want to design interaction mode which will hold a visceral and emotional connection for user. We are looking for ways to increase user engagement and design for fun. We conducted a study where we explore gestures as a method of interaction with mobile phones. Our user research show us that gestures help people connect examples from their real lives to the task at hand.

Gestures provide avenue for fun and increase user engagement. We also found that gestures allow user to achieve more than they set out for. In this study, participants discovered interesting ways gestures could be used. Gestures also ushered in the feeling of flow and non interruption during the task.

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