OneStart Bookmark

Usability Testing and Heuristic Evaluation

To find out ease of usability of Bookmarks Channel of OneStart

Duration: 2 weeks

Methods: Usability Evaluation, Heuristic analysis, GOMS, Quantitative analysis, Qualitative analysis

Tools: Logitech QuickCam Orbit MP, Camtasia studio


METHODOLOGY: OneStart is IU's portal for students, faculty, and staff providing various IU services, web services, campus news, IU information etc. It has been developed by Univeristy Information Technology Services. One of the several features of OneStart is Bookmarks Channel. Using this channel, a user can import his/her bookmarks from his/her local computer to OneStart and can access those bookmarked sites from any other computer. Bookmarks Channel provide the user to carry his/her bookmarks with him/her.

The team carried out usability testing and heuristic evaluation of Bookmarks Channel of OneStart. We used Logitech QuickCam Orbit MP and Camtasia Software to record the response of participants. We recruited freshmen as our participants because we wanted to conduct usability testing with people who were not very familiar with either Bookmarks Channel or Onestart. We reasoned that students who had some experience with OneStart would be able to figure out the usability tasks quicker than students who have no experience with OneStart. The Heuristic Evaluation was carried out by team. We then compared the findings of Usability Testing and Heuristic Evaluation.

The report was handed to a representative of UITS and our work was appreciated by them.

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